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Remove Systemic Barriers to Completion: In order to finish their degrees on time, students need to know exactly what requirements they must fulfill and in what order.

They need access to the courses they have to take when they have to take them. They need preemptive support if they’re at risk of veering off track.

Rigid, disparate systems and confusing interfaces make it hard for students to understand their choices, or to complete key tasks in their planning process.

This confusion places extra burdens on advisors and on registrars and staff, who lack accurate insight into course demand, making the course scheduling process time consuming and imprecise.

Our end-to-end planning, scheduling, and registration solution removes the friction in the student experience so students know where they’re going and how they can get there.

Contact: Haley Johnson is an AI-powered communications platform that expands student access, reduces staff workload, and scales your operations. Offer 24/7, omnichannel support through AI Chat, Live Chat, SMS Text and more to reach students anytime and anywhere. With, offer better support and information, eliminate student runaround, and reinforce student recruitment, retention, and engagement.

 Clients such as Oklahoma University saw applications rise by 10% while others such as Montclair State University saw call volume decrease by 62.5%. With, you get more than a chatbot.

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